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C# – ML.NET – Simple Tutorial

ML.NET - Microsoft Machine Learning for .Net

Hello Devz, Here is a simple tutorial of how to use ML.Net to make a prediction based on regression. ML.Net is an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework. A regression is a statistical method to find the relation between variables. Let’s use a budget context. We have a list of expenses with a cost […]

C# – Decision Tree – Simple Example

decision tree

Hello Devz, Sometimes it is hard to take a decision. And to represent the possibilities of complex decisions, it is usefull to use a Decision Tree. Instead of having all the parameters at once, you can simply take small decision at a time and then go further. In this simple tutorial we will show an […]

C# – Calling OMDB WebService with an API k


Hello Devz, Do you know Open Movie Database (OMDB)? It’s like IMDB but providing an API to get information about any movie or TV show. OMDBAPI is free but limited to 1000 request per day. First you must generate your API Key via this page You will receive your personal key via email. Don’t forget to […]

C# – Consume a WebService – Check VAT numb

webservice - cloud in the sky

Here is a simple example of how to consume a WebService in a console app with C#. For this tutorial, we will use the free service from the European commission you can use to validate tax (VAT) number. Here is the web interface: First of all, create a new console application (named CheckVat) and add a new […]

WPF – MVVM DataTemplateSelector

Hello devz, Let’s say that you want to create your UI but in a dynamic way. Let me explain. Imagine a view which is based on a list of items you want to display. But this list can vary (depending on rights, or context). In this simple example, we want a label with a textbox, then […]

WPF – Paste Clipboard content from Excel t

copy paste

Hello Devz, Manipulating the clipboard content is pretty easy. But it can become handy when pasting it in a GridView. Here a simple example on how to paste the content of the clipboard from Excel to a GridView. First things first! Here is how to use the clipboard:

Obviously you could use the SetText(string) method […]

WPF – MVVM TextBox Validation with IDataEr

WPF UI Data Validation

Hello Devz, This post will describe how to do a simple MVVM TextBox validation with IDataErrorInfo. UI Data Validation is an important part of the FrontEnd creation. The FrontEnd should always be backed up by the BackEnd validation! But here we will focus only on the FE part. Before showing the code, you have to […]

WPF – Enum Binding With Description in a C

Enum Binding with Description in a ComboBox - WPF MVVM

Hello Devz, In my two previous posts, I was talking about how to bind an enum (the classic way and the other way). But these have two major issues. First, all the items from the Enum will be bound and displayed. And sometimes you don’t want to display all of them (like ‘None’). Secondly, you […]