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How to use Font Icons


What is the issue with images? The problem with images is that if you try to zoom in, the quality starts to be really bad (ugly pixels) without even talking about the size of it. The best way to display nice icons in your app or website is to use Font Icons. Like that you […]

Xamarin IOS – Youtube Video Embed fit in a

Xamarin IOS Youtube Embed Design

Introduction Here is a simple example of a YouTube video embeded in an UIWebView. The design is very simple. A stack view inside the mainView. You can find just bellow the design in Xcode. By code, we will instantiate and add the UIWebView in the stack view. By the way, at the end it should […]

Xamarin IOS – Implement LazyLoading in you

Xamarin IOS Lazy Loading

Introduction In this post you will see how to implement LazyLoading on your TableView. In my previous article, I explained how to manage the scrolling. It’s time to continue our journey with Xamarin IOS! What is LazyLoading ? The lazy loading is a design pattern. The idea is to load only what you need. The […]

Xamarin IOS – InputView taking into accoun

Keyboard Xamarin IOS Height

Hello Xamarin Girls and Boys. Today, you will be able to take into account the keyboard height in a few lines of code when it appears on the screen. For example, it is very useful if you want to implement a page of comment or a chat. View and constraint The InputView is located at […]

WPF – Enum Binding in a ComboBox – The Cla

Enum binding to combobox

Hello Devz, I had to write this post about how to do an Enum binding to a ComboBox, because everytime I need it, I’m surprised there is no “out-of-the-box” solution provided in WPF or Xamarin.Forms.

Please notice this line: xmlns:sys=”clr-namespace:System;assembly=mscorlib” And the ObjectDataProvider in the Window.Resources. With a simple Enum called StatusEnum:

So this was the […]

C# – Coma and Dot decimal separator

Hi peeps, You probably know the common issue with the decimal seprator. Depending on the country, the keyboard or what your client wants (which can be variable…), the separator will be a coma or a dot (or even something else…). In my case, the Culture is “en-US“, on a Belgian keyboard where the decimal separator […]

Xamarin.Forms – Use built-in Dependency In

Hello Devz, Xamarin.Forms have its own Dependency Injection implementation. Of course you can still use other ones like MvvmCross, Ninject and so on, but they will ask you a bit more configuration and changes in your code. The one from Xamarin.Forms works pretty well and is really simple to use. Here is a simple example. […]