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C# – Web Scraping – a simple HTML Agility

Web scraping with HTML Agility Pack

Hello Devz, Sometimes it can be useful to copy a part of the content from a website. That’s where web scraping is useful and HTML Agility Pack is one of the best tools to do it. In this tutorial, I will show you a simple HTML Agility Pack example. Decide what content you need Say […]

Verify vulnerabilities on your WordPress s...

WPScan is a good tool to discover vulnerabilities on your WordPress website. To install it:

Execute the scan on

Happy hacking!  🙂  

Verify common vulnerabilities on your rout...

We will never say it enough, security and privacy are important. But what if your router has an old firmware and is vulnerable to some common exploits? One easy way to test it: RouterSploit. If you are familiar with the well know MetaSploit, it is more or less the same. It’s some kind of a […]

Share your Windows WiFi – Make your HotSpo

Useful tip when you’re travelling and you are in a hotel where they give you only one voucher for one device. Use that voucher on your Windows 10 and you will be able to share your Internet connection with your other devices. No software needed, Windows 10 have a scriptable command called NetSh which is […]