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Add CodeLens to Visual Studio Community Ed...

Hey hardcore programmers, If you want to have CodeLens (yeah you know this little useful tool which gives you directly a link to where this code is referenced), all you need to do is install SSDT. And if you don’t need SSDT, you can just uninstall it afterwards, and CodeLens will remain. So first, download SQL […]

Configure WebStorm for AngularJS

1. Go to the JetBrains website, download and install WebStorm (a free trial is available for 30 days if you don’t have a licence). 2. Go to the AngularJS website. Here you can find the library and a useful documentation. 3. Download the latest version of AngularJS (the UNCOMPRESSED file otherwise WebStorm will not be able to use […]

How to connect to LocalDB in Visual Studio...

Steps to connect LocalDB to Visual Studio Server Explorer Open command prompt Run SqlLocalDB.exe start v11.0 Run SqlLocalDB.exe info v11.0 Copy the Instance pipe name that starts with np:\… In Visual Studio select TOOLS > Connect to Database… For Server Name enter (localdb)\v11.0. If it didn’t work, use the Instance pipe name that you copied earlier. You can also use this to […]