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Verify vulnerabilities on your WordPress s...

WPScan is a good tool to discover vulnerabilities on your WordPress website. To install it:

Execute the scan on

Happy hacking!¬† ūüôā  

Verify common vulnerabilities on your rout...

We will never say it enough, security and privacy are important. But what if your router has an old firmware and is vulnerable to some common exploits? One easy way to test it: RouterSploit. If you are familiar with the well know MetaSploit, it is more or less the same. It’s some kind of a […]

The Power of Windows 10 Bash Shell

Hello Devz, You may want to use Linux for many reasons: services, development, scripting, or just for the environment. And you can use it in a few different ways: Install (dual boot) a distro like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, … Use a virtual machine with VMWare or VirtualBox Use “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” or also […]

AI – Tensorflow First Steps

Hello Devz, Do you want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence? Tensorflow is your best bet… Tensorflow is a framework developed by Google which allows you to do almost everything you could imagine with AI’s. There are different ways to use Tensorflow. Being a fan of C#, you could use TensorflowSharp. But it is known […]

AI – Image Recognition with Darknet

Hello nerdz, Being a fan of TED Talks, I found a really interesting one about AI and object recognition. Joseph Redmon is presenting in this show his work about the Darknet. It’s an open source C code which is an AI that can be trained to recognize any object, and it’s damn fast! Here is […]

Install Docker on Raspbian

When I received my first Raspberry Pi 2, I thought: “maybe I can use it as a web server to host a few of my websites”. Trying different configurations and security options, I had to start all over a few times… Hours and hours redoing more or less the same things again and again. Now […]

Raspberry Pi 3 – Integrated Wi-Fi setup

Hello Devz, I received my new Raspberry Pi 3 today with its integrated Wi-Fi, and I was wondering how to setup the ip address in a permanent way with console only.

Then find a line containing “wlan0” (zero) and replace the text by this:


Migrate a WordPress site with Linux

Hello Devz, Migrate a WordPress website can be a pain in the ass. But if you follow this procedure, it should be quite simple… Let’s considere: A = source site (ex: B = destination site (ex:   Backup source site: 1. Deactivate all plugin in A¬†(use the Select All the select Desactivate) 2. […]

Raspberry Pi – Raspberry phpmyadmin instal

Hello Devz, Are you looking to control and configure a php server on your Linux or Raspberry Pi machine? Here are simple steps for Raspberry phpmyadmin installation.

Using the above command line, you will be asked to choose the web server installed in the system, which is either Apache2 or Lighttpd. In this case, you […]

Raspberry Pi: Install a web server – the e

Hello Devz, NGINX (pronounced engine x) is a popular lightweight web server application you can install on the Raspberry Pi to allow it to serve web pages. Like Apache, NGINX can serve HTML files over HTTP, and with additional modules can serve dynamic web pages using scripting languages such as PHP. INSTALL NGINX First install […]