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Google Dialogflow – create your own AI in


Hello Devz, Having a Google Home at home and a Google Assistant in my pocket, I wanted to go further and create my own Actions. Pretty easy with Google DialogFlow! DialogFlow is a free web interface that allows you to create a, wait for it… dialog flow! Let’s say I want to add an expense […]

AI – Tensorflow First Steps

Hello Devz, Do you want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence? Tensorflow is your best bet… Tensorflow is a framework developed by Google which allows you to do almost everything you could imagine with AI’s. There are different ways to use Tensorflow. Being a fan of C#, you could use TensorflowSharp. But it is known […]

AI – Image Recognition with Darknet

Hello nerdz, Being a fan of TED Talks, I found a really interesting one about AI and object recognition. Joseph Redmon is presenting in this show his work about the Darknet. It’s an open source C code which is an AI that can be trained to recognize any object, and it’s damn fast! Here is […]