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C# – Coma and Dot decimal separator

Hi peeps, You probably know the common issue with the decimal seprator. Depending on the country, the keyboard or what your client wants (which can be variable…), the separator will be a coma or a dot (or even something else…). In my case, the Culture is “en-US“, on a Belgian keyboard where the decimal separator […]

C# – Store Variables and Collections in Co

In this article, we will talk about the config file used for a C# application. What is the goal of it, and how to use it. How to get values and create your own config section. What is a config file? It happens sometimes (quite often actually) that we need to store some parameters, default […]

WPF – Change color of a row in a DataGrid

Hi folks, Today we will see how to change the color or a row depending on the value of the content. To do that, create a simple View:

The important thing hereĀ  are the DataTriggers. If a condition is met, it will apply a value to a property. For example, the first trigger is: […]

Xamarin.Forms – Use built-in Dependency In

Hello Devz, Xamarin.Forms have its own Dependency Injection implementation. Of course you can still use other ones like MvvmCross, Ninject and so on, but they will ask you a bit more configuration and changes in your code. The one from Xamarin.Forms works pretty well and is really simple to use. Here is a simple example. […]

WPF – DataGrid with single click checkbox

The problem with the checkbox in a WPF DataGrid By default, if you place a checkbox in a WPF DataGrid, you will have to click twice to check or uncheck the checkbox. And there is a logical explanation. The first click will select the row in the DataGrid, and the second one, the checkbox in […]