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WPF – Animated text

Sometimes it can be useful to have an animated text even in WPF. Typically a “Loading…”, where the 3 dots are moving one by one. Here is a simple way to do an animation with text:

With a ViewModel looking like (using PRISM 6.3):

Here is another post talking about animated images. Happy […]

WPF – Nullable binding

Hello Devz, Imagine you have a TextBox binded to a nullable integer and you put a value in it. Now let’s say you delete this value. You expect to have your value to be null. To be able to do that, you need to update the properties of you binding like this:

Please notice […]

WPF – MessageBox on top of the other Views

Hello devz, It happens sometimes with WPF that a popup or a MessageBox is hidden and can block the whole application. To avoid this, just do the following:

The Application.Current.MainWindow is the solution… But please pay attention that this parameter can be different! Indeed it’s an implementation of IWin32Window that will own the modal dialog […]

C# – Simple email validation regex

Hello Devz, Do you have a web or WPF application that needs email address validation? Regex (regular expression) can help you. This post outlines a simple email validation regex that you can use straight away. What is a regex? A regular expression (regex for short) describes a search pattern using a particular text string. It’s […]

C# – Natural Comparer

We all had the issue with an OrderBy on a collection of String, having that kind of result: Test1 Test10 Test2 Test20 Test3 Instead of: Test1 Test2 Test3 Test10 Test20 Here is the solution:

And this is how to use it:

Happy coding!  😉

C# – DistinctBy extension

Hello devz, The Distinct extension from System.Linq is really useful but the DistinctBy a property is missing. So we will create our own DistinctBy extension. No worries, it’s really easy. What is DistinctBy? DistinctBy is a very simple extension snippet for C# which allows the developer to remove duplicated objects in a collection based on […]

C# – Check Write Access To Folder

Hi, An easy way to know if the user have write access to a folder can be done this way:

Happy coding!  🙂

C# – Timer Elapsed

Time is money! But how do you manage the time in code? The simplest way of doing it is by using a Timer (System.Timers):

Enjoy!   🙂