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C# – Verify if it’s a network path

Hello, An easy way to determine if the path is a network path:

Yes, that’s all… Bye bye

C# – Determine the available space on a ne

Hi peeps, Today at work I had an issue with a shared drive on the network which has a quota. So I was wondering how to know if the allowed space is already full or not. According to my readings on Google, there are only two methods that works for a network drive: WMI or […]

Share your Windows WiFi – Make your HotSpo

Useful tip when you’re travelling and you are in a hotel where they give you only one voucher for one device. Use that voucher on your Windows 10 and you will be able to share your Internet connection with your other devices. No software needed, Windows 10 have a scriptable command called NetSh which is […]

Raspberry Pi 3 – Integrated Wi-Fi setup

Hello Devz, I received my new Raspberry Pi 3 today with its integrated Wi-Fi, and I was wondering how to setup the ip address in a permanent way with console only.

Then find a line containing “wlan0” (zero) and replace the text by this: